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April 12, 2017
I am Latrice (aka Ms Lala) and I am here to help you on your hair growth journey. I've had natural head of hair for over 12 years. I grew my mane long with a straightforward method I call the 3 M's of Hair Attention- Minimize Breakage, Maximize Progress, Maintain Progress. Take the quiz below to determine where you should start your journey to long healthy scalp. I came across it very odd that list wasn't come up with by a black lady with natural scalp. Having frizzy hair isn't really the same, being natural is a hard process for some black females. It's an identity thing for a few, and experiencing how this started off with an intro from somebody who couldn't possibly associate makes it appear to be natural hair is just some style. The tips are magnificent though, thanks!natural hair care tips and products

This condition includes a longitudinal splitting of the hair fiber. Any chemical substance or physical trauma, such as heating , that weathers the hair may eventually lead to break up ends. Typically, the broken hair fibers splits into several strands and the split may be 2-3 centimeters in length. Split ends 're normally observed in long mane but also happen in short head of hair that's not in good shape.
Be careful when relaxing hair, and only undertake it once every 2 to 3 3 months. Make an effort to get your scalp relaxed professionally. If you take action at home, read the instructions carefully to avoid any damage. You must only apply relaxer to new progress, and never to head of hair that was already relaxed. 11 If you apply relaxer to recently relaxed hair, you will over-process it and ruin it. Also, never leave the relaxer on the wild hair too long; this may cause serious damage and possible hair thinning.
My little princess is 5yrs old and i have tried so many products on her hair but if you ask me nothing same to be growing her locks. some actually breaks her locks. i recently begun using the Jamican castor olive oil hair shampoo and conditioner with an essential olive oil grease and it seems if you ask me that her mane is breaking so am pondering whether it's too strong for her. i likewise have a olive oil deep condtioning that can be used as a stream, or a regular moisterizer but am still wanting to know whether its to strong. oh her locks dries up quickly however when wet its curly and the back seems not be growing at all for its way shorter that the rest of her mane.
I just got my second child. And weekly after delivering her home my oldest child's hair dropped completely out.. she isn't bald…but thinning to where I could see her scalp. So I modified from using sulfur 8 for kids to shea moisture products. I also made my very own creme using natural shea butter virgin essential olive oil and coconut essential oil and vitamin supplements e oil. I got wondering how a long time before I see results and anything else I possibly could do to market growth. I really do already use a satin pillow and bonnet.

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